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I am James Palmatier, patent attorney practicing in Illinois.  I'm currently a member of the solo patent practitioner's group as a result of my fiance, Flory Blair, a former patent attorney, now patent agent, in Washougal, Washington. I focus on providing IP services for prosecution, litigation and training.

My background includes engineering, sales, operations and legal. For more than 10 years, I have worked with clients to protect intellectual property in the areas of trademarks and patents covering medical devices, automotive components, sporting-goods and gaming machines.  I provide actionable intelligence to determine whether a product is patentable, analyze competitive and technical trends and give direction to development teams.  I also provide intellectual property training audit services for clients to determine the best ways to use intellectual property information and activities for product and business development, product migration, and competitive activity.

I also have an on staff patent illustrator. We offer free consultation over the phone and fixed-price schedule for most work activity.

Disclaimer:  The information set forth above has been supplied by the IP professional.  Please see the Disclaimer page for further information.

JAMES PALMATIER (630) 306-0612
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