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I help inventors, startups and corporations patent their inventions.  About 75% of the patents I write are commercialised.  I work to add value by deflating cost-to-patent, by constructive reduction to practice, and by being as committed and as knowledgeable about your technology as your own "in-house" patent professional would be.  I have worked in industry.  My CV includes publications and patents in process engineering, molecular biology, biotechnology and medical devices, including electronic devices.  I have a bar number as a US Patent Agent.  More details are posted at my website.  

Started in 2002, Lambert Patent Services specializes in patent drafting, prosecution, industrial and competitive IP research, and works with foreign associates on Intl filings.  We discuss and understand options throughout the process—and work together to articulate the “ah ha” discovery that overcomes the KSR standard for obviousness.  It’s night and day; at a billing rate you can afford.  Calls from inventors and entrepreneurs to talk science or IP are always welcome!  

Disclaimer:  The information set forth above has been supplied by the IP professional.  Please see the Disclaimer page for further information.

K KAREL LAMBERT (206) 772-6611
Lambert Patent Services, LLC