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I am a solo practitioner based in Medford Oregon serving primarily southern Oregon and northern California clients, although I represent clients in other states and Canada as well.  In addition to being a registered patent attorney for more than 20 years, I have been general counsel of two technology companies that went public.  My last corporate position before going solo was Counsel for Intel’s Consumer Electronics and Optical Products business groups.  A more complete resume is available at

I strive to protect your intellectual property and help your business safeguard its intellectual capital. I will do this by making sure your patents application are properly prepared and prosecuted before the PTO and filing trademark applications to protect your business and product names.  With a focus on technical solutions, I help businesses get off to a good start with incorporation, LLC organization, financing, non-disclosure and licensing agreements for technology and software. I am experienced at working to make sure intellectual and technical assets are properly protected during mergers and acquisitions. In day-to-day operations and business transactions, I draft employee, intellectual property assignment, manufacturing, supply, marketing, and licensing agreements.

Disclaimer:  The information set forth above has been supplied by the IP professional.  Please see the Disclaimer page for further information.

JERRY HAYNES (541) 494-1433
Jerry Haynes Law LLC