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Since 2003, Peter A. Haas has used a flat-fee approach, providing you with an affordable and predictable way to protect your creative expressions and realize their economic value. Peter is a registered patent attorney as well as an experienced engineer, researcher, and translator. Peter's background in industry is key in understanding your technology and developing innovative solutions to protect your intellectual property.

Peter is a registered patent attorney licensed in Oregon. With 8 years experience as a patent attorney and 10 years experience as an engineer, he focuses on assimilating and understanding technology so its economic value can be fully utilized.  Peter assimilates your creative expressions and crafts protectable intellectual property so you can capitalize on its economic value. He has worked with inventors in diverse technology areas from complex two-stroke diesel engines to the basic paper clip. He drafted patents for medical devices, foot assessment systems, novelty items, robotic systems, consumer electronics, business methods, and surgical instruments, for example.  Please learn more about Peter at

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PETER A HAAS (503) 319-3024
Peter A Haas LLC