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Amy is a geek at heart and really enjoys working with inventors.  She has experience with all aspects of patent preparation including patent drafting, Office action responses, and appeals.  Her technology areas include medical devices, mechanical devices, and electronics.  She also has experience with trademarks.  She understands that lawyers can be intimidating and likes to think she has a knack for making people feel comfortable, and explaining the patent application process in easy-to-understand language.

Amy attended Boston University School of Law and was a patent attorney at Klarquist Sparkman before deciding to start her own practice.  Her background is in biomedical engineering, with a degree from Carnegie Mellon University.  She is licensed to practice law in Oregon, and is a patent attorney registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  She is up front about costs, and offers both hourly and flat fee pricing.  She is also a mama to two lovely little boys and loves local food, running, hiking, and yoga.

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Amy Durocher (412) 606-4545
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