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Quantum Impact Consultants, LLC was formed to assist technology-focused companies with sales excellence, marketing and intellectual property strategy. I am a registered patent agent with the USPTO since 2002.  My experience covers IP training, IP strategy with R&D/Marketing /IP Legal on invention disclosures, applications and trade secrets.  I have held several corporate roles in sales and marketing focusing on emerging technologies involving chemistry, electrical and electromechanical systems, materials science and engineering among other technology areas found within the semiconductor industry.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering technology at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

 Consulting services include:

· Business strategic planning (and process)  

· Intellectual asset management and strategy.

· Improving sales planning, forecasting, lead generation.

· Negotiating business contracts (NDA, sales, partner, collaboration, licenses).

· Evaluating business growth objectives through acquisitions.

· Marketing programs (New product development, product management).

Disclaimer:  The information set forth above has been supplied by the IP professional.  Please see the Disclaimer page for further information.
RALPH BUTLER 503-705-6588
Quantum Impact Consultants, LLC

*Note: may not be accepting new clients