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Ideas.  Inventions.  Patents.  Since 1993, Karen has been assisting businesses and individuals turn ideas into patents. She realizes that each client has unique intellectual property needs and uses creative solutions to help her clients achieve their goals. Karen takes the time to explain the patenting process so that each client understands the available options.

Karen’s practice is focused on obtaining patents (patent prosecution) for her clients.  Technologies where she has significant experience include: software, business methods, mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic, medical devices, gaming mechanics, industrial applications, and virtually any non-chemical and non-biological technology.

Karen is committed to providing quality patenting services at reasonable and pre-quoted prices.  Many of her prices for services are provided on a “fixed fee” basis.  At you will find a patent application fee calculator that can be used to calculate an estimated range of the costs (including most PTO fees) for the filing of different types of patent applications (but not costs subsequent to the filing).  This pricing structure helps businesses and individuals avoid the frustration of managing their intellectual property costs.

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KAREN DANA OSTER (503) 810-2560
Law Office of Karen Dana Oster, LLC