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I am an attorney, currently inactive in Washington and Oregon with patent attorney and engineering experience trained in mediation. Currently I offer mediation services to help clients Mediation brings two sides together and helps them come to their own agreement, rather than having a court decide.   I help facilitate the two parties in reaching their own agreement.

As for the process:

- Typically I call each party separately beforehand to get a feel for their general position and to explain

the mediation process, as well as to confirm who will be attending,


- We meet to try to  reach agreement, hopefully in a single day.

- I draft the mediation agreement between the parties, which in the case of a patent dispute, will serve as the basis of a patent license drafted by the attorneys.  I work with the attorneys to make sure that we

address the various points of a patent license.

- There are no guarantees with mediation that the parties will reach an agreement, but that is the intent of everyone when we come to mediation to save costs and time resolving conflicts.

- All mediation costs are split between the parties.

I previously worked as a field electrical and mechanical engineer in power generation and distribution including transformers and motors. For 18 years as a patent attorney I worked as outside patent counsel in large and small patent firms, in-house corporate counsel for a Fortune 20 company and in my own practice.

Disclaimer:  The information set forth above has been supplied by the IP professional.  Please see the Disclaimer page for further information.

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