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Next meeting:  September, 2014 (date TBD), 12:00

LUNCH at Szechuan Kitchen

15450 Boones Ferry Road, Lake Oswego

(503) 699-5056

Please RSVP to

We try to schedule late in the month of

ODD months, usually on TUESDAYS or WEDNESDAYS.

Order what you want off the menu.


How to get added to this web site:  Come by our meetings!  

For more information contact

Since March of 2006, our group of Intellectual Property (IP) practitioners has met informally every other month to discuss issues pertaining to patents, copyrights, trademarks, licensing, and other issues that fall under the IP umbrella.  To “join” our network, our only absolute requirement is that the practitioner be a solo practitioner in a field related to IP.  We also have generally focused on practitioners who practiced patent law (and primarily patent prosecutors - those who helped inventors obtain patent protection).  

Hiring a solo practitioner is a good choice for clients!  One reason for this is that the client does not have to pay the overhead typical of hierarchical law partnerships.  Another reason for this is that the client will not be shunted to lower level associates after committing to the project.  The client will interact directly with the solo practitioner, whose first priority is working for the client.  

And hiring a solo practitioner from our network has extra advantages!  Members of our network keep current by sharing information about changes in the law, new rulings, and regulations. Further, our network is a resource we use to solve problems and share ideas (always keeping in mind client confidentiality).  We put years of experience to work on your behalf.  

Not happy with the mega-firm experience?  Then get comfortable and get local – we put the client front and center.